View From The Lighthouse Changing Platforms

The Minnesota Wild has gone through a number of changes since last season: trades, free agent signings and a new road white sweater. Now the team’s blog, View From the Lighthouse will be undergoing an overhaul of its own.

We are moving the Lighthouse to the League’s content management system. Moving the blog to the League’s CMS will streamline posts and content throughout all digital platforms, including mobile devices.

We enjoyed using WordPress, which has been the blog’s home since its inception, but we believe that moving the blog to the NHL CMS will improve usability and functionality. The only downfall, and one of the reasons we have been hesitant to switch programs, is that we will lose the subscription service WordPress provides. Therefore, when we post a new blog, an email notification will not be sent out to subscribers. However, if you follow the Wild on Twitter or Facebook, we’ll post fresh blogs on social media sites. Of course, you can visit as blogs are regularly posted or visit the new Lighthouse landing page.

View From the Lighthouse isn’t going away, we’re just moving forward and trying to make it easier for Wild fans to get team news across all platforms. The blog will remain the place where our State of Hockey Legion can get all Wild-related news. Click here to visit the new landing page.

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