Wild In Uni Watch Power Rankings

With the Wild set to unveil its new white road sweaters at the Great Minnesota Get Together next week, State of Hockey fans are clamoring to get a peek at the fresh design.

So, it is apropos ESPN’s Uni Watch Power Rankings is out today. Writer Paul Lukas has been a fan of the club’s design choices thus far, and had Minnesota ranked eight in his last installment of the UWPR. However, with the redesign still under lock and key, he dropped the franchise two spots to 10th in the NHL in the most recent ranking. Read Lukas’s full rankings, here.

Original Six teams are all ranked in the top eight, as classic looks evoke certain emotions built on decades of familiarity and it’s difficult to upend tradition. So as an expansion franchise, the Wild is at a competitive visual disadvantage going against the Original Six clubs. But the club mixes State of Hockey tradition with modern looks to make some of the most fashionable threads in the League. As Lukas writes, “almost every design move by this team has been a winner, so there’s every reason to expect that the new revisions will look sharp.”

Minnesota will unveil its new duds at 11:30 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 1 at the Minnesota State Fair’s FAN Central building. Throughout the week starting Aug. 26, Wild.com and @mnwild will be teasing pieces of the new uniforms.

As someone privy to sensitive team imagery, I can tell you that the next installment of Wild road whites are sharp, and you can expect the club to jump up in the UWPR in its next installment.

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