Clutterbuck Injury Update; Wild Skates In Calgary

The day after a 3-1 win in Edmonton, the Wild was without Cal Clutterbuck at today’s practice and might be without the forward in the foreseeable future.

After taking a knee from Taylor Hall last night, Clutterbuck missed practice, with what Wild Head Coach Mike Yeo described as a thigh contusion. The forward suffered a similar injury last season and said there really is no timetable set for a return, but that he would take things day by day. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like there is any damage to the knee, but he obviously was smarting and spoke to the media on crutches.

UPDATE: WildTV Clutterbuck

WildTV Yeo

Taylor Hall has been suspended by the NHL for two games for the hit on Clutterbuck.

Clutterbuck thought the play was “reckless,” and added that when a team is losing a player can see red and might do something out of character. When asked about his style of play and if he is being targeted, Clutterbuck said that it is a part of his game and something he’s been prepared for his entire career, but didn’t feel he was anyone’s target. WildTV will have Clutterbuck’s media scrum up shortly.

Some have speculated that Clutterbuck plays a “reckless” style of game, but he confirmed the fact that he has never been fined nor suspended for a hit in his NHL career. Yes, Clutterbuck plays with an edge, but calling him a reckless or dirty player is reckless in and of itself. Yes, he hits hard and often, but he doesn’t target the head nor try to take out knees, calling cards of ‘dirty’ players.

Wild Head Coach Mike Yeo didn’t like the play, but didn’t comment on whether or not the play should warrant a fine or suspension. Yeo also talked about team’s effort in last night’s win and WildTV will have the coach’s full media availability up shortly.

With Clutterbuck out, the Wild loses one of its few right-handed shots at forward, so the club recalled Charlie Coyle from Houston, while returning Johan Larsson to its American Hockey League affiliate. Coyle will meet the team in Calgary as the Wild is set to meet the Flames tomorrow night.

As for the happenings on the ice, the practice mostly concentrated on flow and finishing drills, with goaltenders Niklas Backstrom and Darcy Kuemper taking a lot of shots from both the forwards and defenseman.

Kyle Brodziak took the afternoon off as a maintenance day.


7 responses to “Clutterbuck Injury Update; Wild Skates In Calgary

  1. “Some have speculated that Clutterbuck plays a “reckless” style of game”. Please! That’s a load of $#1T. His behavior is well documented on youtube. Many of the hits he delivered pre-Shanahan would fetch lengthy suspensions today.

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. Clutterbuck should take the high road on this one.

    • Yes, the point is in the pre-Shanahan days Clutterbuck played “reckless”, but he adapted his game to conform to the new rules. In this instance he was unaware of the oncoming hit, which was questionable at best – Hall did get a 5 minute major “hooking” penalty??? Is that not an indictment of his actions.

  2. He did not take a knee. I like Clutterbuck but it looked way worse than it was. Late hit yes, Knee on knee: absolutely not.

  3. Clutterbuck had it coming, goes around comes around(KARMA). Did anyone notice the two handed stick to the head of Hemsky earlier. I don’t like the hit and it was dirty but the NHL has to go back to the old ways of having to pay the piper(not advocating fighting or goons) but Clutterbuck runs every team in the league not just the smaller speedy more SKILLED Oilers but its nice to see him get his. Who the hell calls for a stretcher and cant leave the ice but then ices his leg and jumps on plane to Calgary. LOL…..and the academy award goes to….

  4. Well the league dealt a TWO game suspension on Hall for the “non-hit”, academy award winning flop. It seems justice may have been served this time. As I saw it he didn’t put weight on the leg and got off the end of the ice with help then was put on a stretcher. Also for being the smaller speedy more SKILLED Oilers who won the game?
    Also, I bet Hall is back on the ice before Clutterbuck…

  5. I just review video of the last 5 years of Clutterbuck’s “hit parade”. It’s filled with boarding, blind-side hits and marginal head shots. He’s very lucky to have not been suspended yet. Maybe now that he’s been on the receiving end, he’ll show a bit more respect.

  6. Why didn’t you review the last 2 years? He has never been on the Shanahan review board video of a dirty hit. The next time Hall does something marginal he will be a repeat offender just like Bouchard!

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