Wild Employee Volunteerism

Despite the collective bargaining disagreement stalling the start of the NHL season, Minnesota Wild employees have been busy, volunteering their time and connecting with the community.

Wild employees have volunteered at several locations and donated their time for numerous good causes. This post isn’t meant as a humble brag, well maybe a little, but a stick tap to all the staffers who have volunteered their time.

Below are the places Wild volunteer worked and numbers from the month of October for all the stat nerds. Also, a photo gallery of Wild workers volunteering in the community.

October 2 – Served potluck at the Ronald McDonald House

October 2 – Visited Gillette Hospital

October 3 – Visited Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis

October 6 – Used Hockey Equipment Drive

October 9 – Horace Mann Elementary School Garden Project

October 11 – Horace Mann Elementary iPad Lessons

October 12 – Wild Bingo at Children’s Hospital

October 12 – Traveling Stanley Award

October 16 – Second Harvest Heartland Protein Pack

October 18 – Salvation Army

October 21 – Dinomites registration at Augsburg

October 23 – Defending the Blue Line

October 26 – Pumpkin Carving at Horace Mann

  • 269.5 volunteer hours spent at 5 organizations
  • 7,821 pounds of frozen meat processed
  • 1,500 donated coats sorted
  • 1,000 donated toys sorted
  • 400 brand new Red Kettles prepped for bell ringing season
  • 40 people fed lunch
  • One Peace Garden weeded, trimmed and winterized
  • Elementary school library books shelved
  • One Salvation Army facility scraped, cleaned, painted and winterized
  • One Ronald McDonald House site cleaned and organized
  • 36 4th graders introduced to iPads
  • Dozens of pieces of donated hockey gear sorted, refurbished and shipped, and multiple hours of donor information entered into a database completed at Defending the Blue Line
  • Processed and shipped 18 equipment orders to service members all over the U.S.
  • Completed a total inventory of over $200,000 worth of hockey equipment
  • Assembled 32 hockey helmets that were in pieces to make them usable again
  • More than 40 staffers participated (several at multiple events)

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