Wild Weekend Wrap

Remembering Lokomotiv

One year ago today, 43 people lost their lives in a tragic plane crash including members of team Lokomotiv of the Kontinental Hockey League. Among them was former Wild forward Pavol Demitra. The previous Lighthouse post was dedicated to the memory of Demitra and WildTV created a tribute video, here. NHL.com also reported on how the Lokomotiv team is honoring players, here.

Becoming Wild: Chapter Two

“Becoming Wild: Chapter Two” presented by Toyota, premiered on FOX Sports North on Thursday and followed Cal Clutterbuck at his home in Welland, Ontario. Viewers were treated to Clutterbuck’s sharp wit, workout routine, golf game and home life. One big reveal on the show: Clutterbuck’s wife Cassie is pregnant with the couple’s first child. Less surprising, but equally tremendous, Clutterbuck’s bulldog had a mustache chew toy. If you missed the first episode, WildTV has you covered, here. Clutterbuck also talks about the experience to Wild.com, here.

In the final WildTV webisode of “Becoming Wild: Chapter Two” the cameras followed Zach Parise to Total Hockey Minnesota and filmed a draining workout with Wild Strength and Conditioning Coach Kirk Olson. Parise also shows why he is one of the NHL’s most consistent snipers, as he takes down Chris Porter of the St. Louis Blues in a game of around the world. See the webby, here.

Episode two will focus on Kyle Brodizak at his home in Sherwood Park, Alberta and airs at 6 p.m. on FOX Sports North.

Best Jersey In The SOH

There is a very cool contest launching today on the Wild’s Facebook page, trying to find the best jersey in the State of Hockey. The Lighthouse used to be partial to the UMD Bulldog, but has changed its tune of late favoring the old-school St. C of St. Cloud State. But that’s just our opinion and we’re in a democratic society, so submit a photo of your favorite jersey and have all your friends “Like” it. There then will be a 32-sweater bracket to determine the best jersey in the State of Hockey. For more information, click here. To submit a photo of your favorite jersey visit the Wild Facebook page, here.

Sir Charles

Yesterday, the Lighthouse reported on the possible origins of Charlie Coyle’s nickname “Sir Charles.” Well, ‘reported’ might have been a little strong as the story fell in our lap thanks to an email from former Saint John Sea Dog communications guru Nathan White. Thanks to White the story goes that Charlie appeared as “Charles” on the QMJHL’s website, and the league wouldn’t change it. Either way, fans got a kick out of it and likely started calling him prestigious “Sir Charles.” For the entire email, check out the post if you haven’t already.

Yeo In KFAN Commercial

On Tuesday, the Lighthouse did report that Wild Head Coach Mike Yeo was filming a commercial for KFAN and seven of its on air personalities, the photo evidence is below. And yes, that is a Vikings cap in Paul Allen’s hands and Chris Hawkey’s toenails are painted pink. You’ll just have to see the commercial when it comes out. The Lighthouse will have a full review of the acting skills of Yeo and the KFAN crew.


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