Yeo Films KFAN Commercial

Only Wild Head Coach Mike Yeo could keep a straight face when delivering a speech for more hockey talk to a bunch of rubes on the radio. Today, Yeo filmed a television commercial with seven sports radio personalities from KFAN – FM 100.3.

Paul Allen, Dan Barreiro, Mike Morris, Cory Cove, Chris Hawkey, Dan Cole and Brandon Mileski were all in the Wild locker room for the commercial that will air on FOX Sports North during the upcoming “Becoming Wild: Chapter Two” episodes and Wild broadcasts.

The broadcasters were outfitted in Wild sweaters and hockey helmets, one that barely fit on Morris’s head, for the spot. It is the first commercial spot including all seven of the on-air talent from KFAN.

The Lighthouse took away two highlights from the shoot. First, Yeo’s acting performance. While the Wild’s bench boss won’t be up for an Academy Award any time soon, he delivered his lines proficiently, only breaking character once after calling The Common Man a gadfly. The second highlight was a predictably awkward chest bump between Allen and Hawkey that looked about as smooth as sandpaper underwear. Each take was filmed at least twice, so we really hope the chest bump doesn’t get left on the cutting room floor.

Chad Abbott, program director with KFAN, said that the commercial will likely appear on the radio station’s website and it is possible, depending on content, that there might be some additional behind-the-scenes video on the station’s website.


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