Wild Acquires Tom Gilbert For Nick Schultz

The Minnesota Wild has made a deadline day trade, acquiring defenseman Tom Gilbert, a Bloomington native, in exchange for Nick Schultz.

Stay tuned for more on the trade and and upcoming moves on Wild.com.


3 responses to “Wild Acquires Tom Gilbert For Nick Schultz


  2. I think Zanon should have gone before Schultz. Zanon is such a do nothing player, does to much puck watching not enough engaging in the play.

  3. While it might mean a short burst of fresh air, the Gilbert for Schultz trade will cost the Wild more goals than it creates. Gilbert looks lost in the defensive zone.

    When the Wild were leading the league, it wasn’t because they had a more offensive defense. It was because the offense, defense and transition were working. And even though Zanon wasn’t lighting the word on fire, He’s an NHL starter. We got a minor leager for him. The Wild should have figured out how to get back to their form of earlier this year (once injuries heal). These trades are a cop out. Even more pressure on Backstrom, now.

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