Staubitz Clears Waivers

Brad Staubitz has cleared waivers. He could be assigned to the Houston Aeros, or the team could elect to keep him with the NHL club and look to work out a trade.

Yesterday, Head Coach Mike Yeo said it was a tough decision to let Staubitz go, but Matt Kassian had earned more playing time as the team’s physical presence.


3 responses to “Staubitz Clears Waivers

  1. I was never sure why we gave up Boogaard in the first place…or John Scott for that matter….Staubitz was never able to fill those shoes adequately. Kassian, I feel better about more than I ever did with Staubitz.

  2. The whole story would be nice, Yeo is the cause of Clutterbucks injuries.
    Five minutes a game and he’s supposed to be a big star, let the truth out
    for a change. The coach is a control freak.
    Hope he gets to go back to Houston.

  3. agreed with tom!!pretty much sums it up!!!

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