With Practice Cancelled, Wild Holds Meeting

Minnesota Wild players were expected to put on their hockey gear, get on a bus and head over to St. Thomas Ice Arena for practice today. Instead, Head Coach Mike Yeo addressed the team in the locker room, because he said he did not talk to them as a group after last night’s loss to Vancouver.

Following the team meeting, the players held off ice workouts, and several faced the media one day after Yeo expressed concern with his team’s “battle level.”

Nick Schultz, Matt Cullen and Dany Heatley all took the tough questions, and all said that the team has to outwork teams and get back to doing the things that helped them win games early in the season. “Consistency” was a word used extensively today, and the club will be looking for that tomorrow against Columbus.

Video from all three players and Yeo is available on Wild TV: Heatley; Cullen; Schultz; and Yeo.

Yeo was the last to address the media, and while he didn’t back off the comments he made last night in his postgame press conference, he did make it clear that he knows this team cares. But he said too often the team is afraid to lose, and used the analogy that if you go into a fight and you’re afraid to lose, “maybe you don’t get into the ring.”

Yeo commented a little bit on the decision to put Brad Staubitz on waivers. He said it has more to do with the fact that the team likes the job that Matt Kassian has done. He also called Staubitz a great teammate and a great person, and acknowledged that it was a tough decision.

General Manager Chuck Fletcher is expected to comment to the media tomorrow after 11:00 a.m. once the fate of Staubitz is known.


2 responses to “With Practice Cancelled, Wild Holds Meeting

  1. I grew up in Minnesota(NewUlm) and while I currently live in Moab Utah I never lost my love of hockey and am a Wild fan. I purchased NHL center ice so I would never miss a game. The first part of this season was amazing! Then the injuries began and things started to go downhill,but I still watch and mostly enjoy the games. I know things will once again turn around and the Wild will be winning again!

  2. I miss Latendresse!

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