Kassian, Ortmeyer and Rau Headed To Houston

With the All-Star break upon the Minnesota Wild, the team trimmed its roster by three, sending Matt Kassian, Jed Ortemeyer and Chad Rau to Houston of the AHL. Obviously one, two or all three could be recalled before the Wild’s next game on Tuesday against Nashville, but this cuts the current roster down to the minimum 20 players.

Meanwhile, Nick Johnson is headed to Ottawa tomorrow to participate in the NHL All-Star Weekend.


One response to “Kassian, Ortmeyer and Rau Headed To Houston

  1. It’s been a revolving door with Huston all year. I think every player that the coaching staff has deemed ready has been up at some point. I am a Wild fan and always will be but I am also a realist. The Wild are what they are…a middle of the road team! When I watched them play Philly, it was like watching Varsity playing against a B squad team. I was at the Dallas game last Saturday night and the point is proven. They were playing another middle of the road team and they looked good (not counting the 1st period). See ya at the X!!

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