Koivu Shooting Pucks Today

The Minnesota Wild wrapped up practice at Xcel Energy Center today, and while the team has been struggling and four new players are on their way up, it was a spirited outing today. Head Coach Mike Yeo split the team up into a white squad and a green squad, and ran drills that pitted the two teams against each other.

Team Green was the winner, but Yeo refused to say what the losing team’s penalty would be. It was nice to see some laughing, and trash talking and goal celebrations, however. It’s pretty clear that the team is taking a negative time and trying to turn things around by staying positive and having fun together.

But there will be changes. Matt Kassian, Jed Ortmeyer, Nate Prosser and Chad Rau are all on their way up, while Casey Wellman and David McIntyre have been sent back to Houston. Yeo didn’t get into specifics about who would be in the lineup tomorrow, but he made it clear that they need to change things up, and this was one way to do that.

Maybe the best sight at today’s practice was seeing Mikko Koivu firing pucks in the shooting cage near the Zamboni tunnel. Koivu was being monitored by Head Athletic Therapist Don Fuller. I never too the MCAT test, but I would think it’s a good sign that Koivu is already shooting pucks less than a week after sustaining his upper body injury.

Matt Cullen and Mike Lundin both talked with Wild TV today about Hockey Day Minnesota and their memories as kids playing outdoors. Yeo also spoke about the culture of hockey in Minnesota, and actually said the whole team views tomorrow as a big day, with people celebrating hockey. He’s hoping the team can build off that and come out with a big performance against the former North Stars tomorrow.

Prior to the game, there will be a ceremony to honor Matt Cullen, who played his 1,000th NHL game on January 10. He’ll be given a silver stick that he said he hopes his three-year-old doesn’t get a hold of and start whacking things around the house with it.


2 responses to “Koivu Shooting Pucks Today

  1. It’s about time you bring up Chad Rau, but you need to put him on the same line as David McIntyre and Jon DiSalvatore and make them the fourth line. You can’t see what they can do together in the NHL if you only bring them up for one game and then make them sit. Give them a chance and surprise yourselves. Especially with Rau.
    On a different note, our two goalies, Backs and Harding, need a challenge by putting Hackett in more often. They’ve gotten too comfortable in their positions at this point and need an extra incentive to perform at their peak. All the executive decisions and being “all about the money” doesn’t seem to be working. Listen to the fans some time. Use what you have in the system or look for it in the state of Minnesota. Use your draft choices instead of sending them to the Aeros right away. Let them start here and allow them time to work. Look at what happened with Leddy. He’s starting in Chicago now!
    Staubitz is a lead brick and Stoner isn’t much better. Send THEM to the Aeros for a while and give one of the upcoming ACTUAL talents a chance. You chose them for a reason. You’ve seen the outcome with Staubitz and Stoner (appropriately named since he’s a stone around our necks at this point). Stoner has no ability for making split second decisions and ultimately winds up giving the puck to the opposition in more cases than we’d choose to point out. I don’t understand why you folks don’t see the same games as the fans do. USE YOUR NEW TALENT (all sitting in Houston waiting for the phone call to prove themselves) AND DUMP THE NON-TALENT, before the new talent looks elsewhere for career goals.
    This may sound mean but look at it from a fan’s point of view. Leave Rau here for a while. He will amaze you like Spurgeon has. Spurgeon needs someone to keep up with him so that he has someone to pass the puck to. Spurgeon’s getting bored with his position because there’s no one out there to keep up with him. HE’S A KEEPER.

  2. who is starting in goal tonight?

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