Big Night Means Cheaper Gas

Matt Cullen’s second goal of the game against the Vancouver Canucks last night may not have meant too much considering the Minnesota Wild had that thing wrapped up by the end of the second period. But if you’re looking for some cheaper gas, Cullen was just trying to help you out.

Thanks to a new partnership between the Wild and SuperAmerica, fans can get discounted gas after Wild home games. If you still have your ticket stub from last night’s game, bring it to any participating SuperAmerica store in Minnesota and get cents off gas. Since the Wild scored five goals last night, fans will get five cents off per gallon of gas. The offer is good through midnight, the day following the game, so you have until midnight tonight to get your discounted fuel.

You can use that saved money to get yourself one of those old-fashioned glazed chocolate doughnuts. They are insanely delicious.

This promotion will run through the end of the season, so fans at the game on Saturday should cheer for a 10-goal output against the St. Louis Blues.


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