Heatley “A Newcomer To Watch”

As the NHL’s regular season rapidly approaches, NHL.com is ramping up its previews. If you missed it over the weekend, the latest installment focuses on 10 “newcomers” to make an impact in their respective new uniforms. Dany Heatley is among the names mentioned. What’s interesting is the mention of his “disappointing” 26-goal, 64-point performance a year ago.

As Devin Setoguchi mentioned when he met the Twin Cities media last month, it’s tough to call any 26-goal NHL season a “down year.” And those 64 points would have been tops on the Wild last season. And to further belabor the point, you’ll notice the 10th player is Erik Cole who supposedly put up “big” numbers in Carolina, including a 26-goal campaign last season.

All that said, Heatley will undoubtedly be looking for at least a 30 spot this season, if not more if he can stay healthy. Thus far in his career, that hasn’t been a problem (he’s played at least 80 games in five of the last six seasons).

Wild players will slowly begin trickling this week, including Cal Clutterbuck and Eric Nystrom. By the way, you can follow Eric Nystrom on Twitter on his account @enystrom23. At last check, Mr. Nystrom has 3,185 followers, which is only 3,041 more than @glenny34us, who will occasionally send out some interesting tweets, as well as some false ones.

Hopefully you’ve been watching “Becoming Wild” presented by Toyota. Thus far, there have been four episodes, and if you’ve missed any, I would hope you’d know to check them out on Wild.com. Only two episodes remain, and the next one will air on Friday, September 9.


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