Guide To Camping Out

If you’re hip to the jive on the Twittersphere, you may have come across an erroneous “tweet” sent out by some nimrod claiming at 10:30 a.m. that the first fan was in line to buy tickets at Saturday’s single game on-sale presented by the fine folks at Kwik Trip.

If you know anything about Twitter, there is little to no accountability, and that tweet was just plain false. The first person in line didn’t arrive until 4:00 p.m. yesterday. Lesson learned. Do not trust the person who sent out said tweet. He goes by the name of @Glenny34us, and I encourage you to follow this doofus on Twitter just so you can let him know that false tweets are not cool. Never were and never will be.

Being a responsible “journalist” (also known as media bottom feeder or low life) I visited with the happy campers this morning to get the full story. Of course, new Head Coach Mike Yeo had already been there before me today, and he was there yesterday as well. You know how those new guys are. Always kissing up.

Anyway, Mike Donnelly, Manny Gomez and Alan Dick set up shop on Wednesday around 4:00 p.m. and St. Cloud State student Jess Crane (not the former Canadian Twins reliever with a fastball straighter than a goal line) joined them this morning and pitched her own tent.

The quartet still had smiles on their faces, so the first 24 hours have been good to them. Maybe because they’ve got some good foot traffic to gaze at as folks go in and out of the Visa Gymnastics championships going on this week.

This year’s on-sale presented by Kwik Trip is earlier than in past years, so weather is less of an issue than in mid-September. But these folks are still at the mercy of the elements and time that ticks away slowly until the mad rush for tickets begins on Saturday morning.

All four of these super fans have camped out in the shadows of Xcel Energy Center for at least five years. They’ve got some recommendations for those who might think about joining them between now and Saturday.

1. Be respectful and get along with everybody. Like any team, they don’t need some cancer coming into the mix and wrecking the chemistry. That means no cuts, no stealing, no littering and no fighting. You’ve got a beef tough guy? Take it to Vancouver. They love hooligans in the streets out there.

2. Bring the necessities like a chair, a cooler, a baseball glove, a cell phone, but most importantly, something “Wild.” Showing up in a Red Wings jersey is like showing up at a Slipknot concert in a Justin Bieber T-shirt and slap bracelets.

3. Be able to chat. You’re going to be hanging with a lot of folks for a couple straight days. It’s best you get to know them and have fun with it. These folks share a bond and always say hello to each other when they see each other at games. You can share that bond too…if you’re not a jerkwad.

4. Lastly, and I can’t stress enough how important this one is. If you see Alicia Sacramone walking into the arena for a gymnastics event, don’t tempt fate by asking her to punch you. I know it sounds appealing, but it will not end well. Trust me.

Remember those four rules, and you’ll be good to go. Have your pick of games at the ready when you get to the ticket window. Donnelly has his eyes on the Penguins game. Manny is anxious to see the Winnipeg Jets make their first visit to St. Paul. Alan’s got dibs on the first Vancouver game on November 3 and Jess is all about celebrating her birthday with a win over the Ducks.

Which game are you itching to get to?

One response to “Guide To Camping Out

  1. You are dire wild fans. Thanks for braving the elements for me honey and getting us the best tickets.

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