Is It Still August?

Are we in No Man’s/Woman’s Land or what? There’s not a hockey game to be found these days. Our beloved baseball nine are wallowing in Kansas City Royal territory. Our American Football team is in obvious rebuilding mode after going with a spry 36-year-old quarterback as opposed to a seasoned 50-year-old in the prime of his career. Even the Great Minnesota Get Together is still a few weeks away.

There’s not a lot to do these days for the average sports fan, but there is one thing. Reading. My teachers always said the best way to spend your summer days is reading a book. Of course, only nerds read all the time, but word on the street is nerds are in, and double popped collars are now out like George Lopez.

So, to offer up some reading material, I present to you a few articles of interest. The first features 10 players expected to bounce back from “down” years, and you’ll find a Wild player in that list. I didn’t feel this particular player had a down year in the least, but just hit a rough patch late in the season along with the rest of the team. To-may-tow, To-MAH-toe.

The next lists some of the top free agents still available. It seems doubtful that the Wild would land any of these players, but who knows? If a key player goes down early to injury (as Josh Harding did last year), then Chuck Fletcher might be calling seedy agents to gauge some signing interest. You’ll also notice a Wild player on that list who was with our Flying W’s last year.

If reading isn’t your thing (and who could blame you?), make sure you get caught up on the latest episodes of the critically acclaimed “Becoming Wild” presented by Toyota. That should help get you primed for the upcoming season with all those behind-the-scenes scenes. The next episode will be debuting on Friday, August 19 and will be showcasing the events surrounding last month’s Development Camp.

That’s about all we’ve got for the day. Single-game tickets are going on sale Saturday, August 20, marking the earliest on sale date ever. Check out this link for more details.


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