Wild Pull Off Blockbuster With San Jose

The Wild pulled off a major trade deal shortly after selecting Jonas Brodin with the 10th overall pick. Minnesota acquired Devin Setoguchi, Boston University star Charlie Coyle and the 28th overall pick in this year’s draft for Brent Burns and next year’s second round pick.

More information on this deal will come on Wild.com.


3 responses to “Wild Pull Off Blockbuster With San Jose

  1. Fletcher needs to either pull his head out of his ass or get a new job… Preferably not hockey related… I mean, Burns is a D and he had more points than this Setoguchi guy!!!

    • “this setoguchi guy..” wow apparently you don’t watch any hockey that doesn’t involve the wild. setoguchi is a killer acquisition for the wild

  2. Crazyhockeyfan

    Are you kidding me?! Getting Setoguchi, Coyle, and a first round draft pick for Burns and a second rounder in 2012 is great for the Wild. Yes Burns is a very good player, but re-signing him next year would be next to impossible with the history of his agent, Ron Salcer. Setoguchi is only 24 years old and scored 31 goals in 08-09. He can easily reach that mark again and if he does that alone would make the trade a success. Plus we got Charlie Coyle who, from what I’ve read and heard, should develop into a very good power forward. Besides that we also added another first round pick and only time will tell how Phillips turns out.

    I study and watch hockey much, much more than the average fan and for the first time in awhile I can say I am truly excited about the direction the Wild is taking. I am really looking forward to what our team can do 2 or 3 years down the road. Next year might be a little tough, but if you look past the “now” and look ahead a few years, the future looks very bright. Granlund, Zucker, Setoguchi, Wellman, Gillies, Spurgeon, Falk, Prosser are just a few of the reasons I am excited to watch the team in the coming years. Way to go Fletcher and Wild brass, you are finally building a competitive team the right way!

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