Shooting Pucks To Shooting Bullets

In less than a week, Mikko Koivu went from this:

to this:

While the country of Finland is still basking in the glow of winning the IIHF World Championship, and beating rival Sweden to do it, Koivu is back to serving his military service.

The photo is courtesy of Harri MÀenpÀÀ, and it is part of a Finnish article that is loosely translated by Aku Mutanen as follows:

As the celebrations for the gold medal are getting smaller across
Finland, the Finnish Lions (nickname for the national team) have
scattered across the country. Captain Mikko Koivu has currently the
roughest conditions, as he is literally in the wild.

“This is a bit different from beginning of the week, but that is the
way it is supposed to be,” said Koivu as the rain was beating on his
helmet. “Military service is an honor for everybody,” Koivu said and got back
to the shooting position with his rifle.

Koivu will be back to celebrating shortly. Mike Russo of the Star Tribune reports that a massive celebration of the World Championship will take place on Friday in Koivu’s hometown of Turku.

4 responses to “Shooting Pucks To Shooting Bullets

  1. I think this is so awesome, thank you Mikko for serving, dunno if it means as much coming from an American but I think that’s it’s pretty cool you are doing your service.

  2. WildFanFromFinland

    In Finland, serving in military really is an honour! When you look back to 1940 our tiny Finland was beating Russia (Soviet Union) in winterwar. Now we beated them in semi-finals too πŸ™‚ I remember my own days in military, that was shitty job but then you start to remember those funny things πŸ™‚ Go Mikko go! Granlund still has military ahead ;))


  4. I really admire Finns. They take so much pride in their country and their army. I wish my country could learn from you guys. Congrats to Finland and their well deserved gold! Best wishes from Sweden.

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