Boogaard Memorial Tonight At 6:00 PM

As the tragic news spread of Derek Boogaard’s passing on Friday night and into the weekend, there was not surprisingly an outpouring of sadness all over North America, and especially in Minnesota.

Boogey’s fans or friends or both, let their sadness be known all over the internet on social media, message boards and websites. Tonight, many fans will get to come together thanks to an online effort from Wild fans to establish a Derek Boogaard Memorial tonight outside Xcel Energy Center. The event will take place outside Gate 1 with a short program beginning at 6PM and lasting for about thirty minutes.

Boogaard’s family will be in attendance, although they are understandably asking for privacy.

7 responses to “Boogaard Memorial Tonight At 6:00 PM

  1. vincent hagen

    I was sadly shocked of the news of Derek Boogaard passing….. he was my favorite player on the wild .. he will be sorely missed. My heart goes out to his family in this trying time …

  2. If I didn’t live in Montréal, I would be there tonight. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Although I didn’t know much about him, seeing the impact he had on so many people truly touches me. He was a special guy and will be missed. He is gone far too soon. I guess heaven was needing an angel. R.I.P Boogey.

  3. Derek will be missed. Not only as a member of the wild but also as a wonderful caring person. He touched the heart of many. Please retire the #24.

  4. I have been saddened by the passing of Derek and moved by the outpouring of emotions from across the hockey community. As a Wild fan from PA, I wish that I could attend tonight. My thoughts and prayers are with the families, friends, teammates, and perfect strangers that were touched by Derek life and fell his loss the greatest these days.

  5. Wild fans alike will always remember #24 the Boogey-Man. He is, not was, respected by all us fans. We will never forget the great Boogey-Man. Nobody was more feared on the ice, and loved in our hearts. I agree that the Minnesota Wild need to look into retiring the jersey forever and let us fans remember him forever when we tell our kids that we got to see one of the kindest, gentlest, loved players in Minnesota Wild history.

  6. Rest in peace, Derek. You will forever live on in our hearts. Yes, for all in the Wild office reading this, please retire #24. If you have any regard for the fans, who took the initiative to set up the memorial (correct me if I’m wrong and please do if I am), please do us and Derek’s family this favor. Thanks.

  7. I’m sorry that Booguard died. He was a great man that inspired many people to do great things. He inspired me by telling me that when no-one believed in me that I can do it. He was my friend, my hero, and my family. I will always remember him. -middle school student

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