Hoo-aaaahhh! From Phoenix

Hooahh everybody back in Minnesota, where I hear it’s not much colder than it is here in the desert. Not cool.

The scorching hot Minnesota Wild practiced at Jobing.com Arena this afternoon. The only two players not on the ice were John Madden and Matt Cullen, who are dealing with lower and upper body injuries, respectively. Madden is not expected to miss any time, but Cullen is considered questionable. It’s likely that the Wild will call up a forward from Houston at some point tonight or tomorrow morning.

Prior to the Wild starting their drills today, Richards had Army Sargeant J.B. Spisso address the team once again. Spisso, who lives in the Phoenix area, is becoming a favorite of the coaches and the players, and why not? Ever since he’s started working with the team, the Wild has been shooting up the standings.

Spisso told the team that when they’re playing, he’s also working. During every TV timeout, his wife makes him do pushups. Not bad, but during TV timeouts, I wrestle grizzly bears, so take that J.B.!

I shot some video (coming soon) with a Sony HD Bloggie of J.B today and you can see why he inspires the people he speaks to. He is one high-energy individual who makes you thankful he’s on our side.

Speaking of video, Wild video wizard Dusty Peterson was doing some digging this week and found some great video. A lot of folks have claimed that Niklas Backstrom’s ridiculous pad save on Jack Johnson was “lucky.” But if it happens twice, is it lucky? Just under three years ago (on Hockey Day 2008 by the way), Backstrom pulled off the exact same stop on a lone breakaway by Jeff Tambellini of the New York Islanders. To check out Backstrom’s (and Peterson’s) brilliance, click here.

That’s all from here. Go Bulldogs!


One response to “Hoo-aaaahhh! From Phoenix

  1. Nice article until the “Go Bulldogs” posting at the end. I think coach Richards would be saying Go Gophers!!

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