Peters Reassigned To Houston

The Minnesota Wild has today off before returning to the ice tomorrow for two days of practice.

The only news from today is that center Warren Peters has been reassigned to Houston after he appeared in both games on Saturday and Sunday. After playing under four minutes on Saturday, he saw more than eight minutes of ice time in last night’s loss in Anaheim. He did not register a point in either game.

Peters was recalled to bolster the team’s center position with Matt Cullen and John Madden missing two games due to injury. We’ll find out the status of both players tomorrow at practice. If neither can go by Thursday’s game against Ottawa, it’s likely we’ll see another call up.

As for last night, it was tough to watch the likes of Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf repeatedly lift their arms in celebration. For whatever reason, I’m just not a fan of either one of those guys.

Bobby Ryan, on the other hand, I’ve always liked. As frustrating as it was to see him tack on another goal against the Wild, can we all admit it was pretty funny the way he did it?

If a Wild player (say Cal Clutterbuck for instance) had his stick stolen by an opponent, and then used that player’s stick to score, we’d be running the highlight over and over on, there’s no question about it. In fact, it would easily be a Top Play nominee, which by the way, will be posted later today.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but Ryan’s pose with the stick was pretty funny in my mind, too. It probably was a bit of a taunt at Mikko Koivu (even though he claims it wasn’t), but a taunt isn’t always a bad thing.

Let us not forget a few years back when Koivu played his first game in Vancouver after getting hacked in the back of the leg by Mattias Ohlund. Koivu scored a huge goal in the third period, skated right in front of the Canuck bench and let out a huge scream. That was cool. Ryan’s celebration was cool, except for the fact it happened against us.

Finally, on behalf of the State of Hockey, I’d like to welcome Brian Collins to Minnesota. If you aren’t familiar with the name, you are sure to be familiar with his television debut when he was a freshman at Ball State University, and his call heard round the world, “Boom! Goes The Dynamite.” Collins is now working in Alexandria for the KSAX TV news team.


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