Bouchard To Meet With Doctors Today

If you’re sick of hearing every detail about Pierre-Marc Bouchard, you’re not alone. Bouchard himself is getting tired of answering questions about his return. But until he does, we’re looking for positive signs and there was another one today.

Bouchard will meet with a doctor today, and assuming that goes well, he could get clearance to play this weekend. Todd Richards said that if he does get the green light, and Butch feels ready, he will likely be sent to Houston for a rehab assignment.

We hope to find out the results of Butch’s meeting today, but if not, we’ll know at practice tomorrow.

As you know, Colton Gillies was already sent to Houston today, but that doesn’t mean anybody else is close to returning. Richards said the team would make a call up today, and while he didn’t say who that would be, all signs are pointing to it being Matt Kassian, literally. His nameplate was on the locker stall that Gillies previously occupied.

Not much news other than that. Today was an optional practice, so about half the team was on the ice. All of the players took part in a team autograph signing in which they all put their Herbie Hancock’s on hundreds of sticks, jerseys and photos.

3 responses to “Bouchard To Meet With Doctors Today

  1. I hope you come back on the Wild roster soon Bouch,your small,speedy and who knows how many goals you could end up with by the end of the season,I just know it would be great to have you back in a Minnesota Wild jersey,good luck to your concussion recovery and hope you get better so I can see you on the ice in a Wild jersey back in St.Paul scoring goals like you did greatly years ago.I am a huge fan of you guys (Minnesota Wild) this team has always been my total favorite no questions asked,hope you come back and make the play-offs for the Wild this season!

  2. I love how you used Herbie Hancock.

  3. i dont get sick of these updates at all! I cant wait for him to return!!

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