Latendresse Back With Havlat, Cullen

Guillaume Latendresse will take his old spot back on a line with Martin Havlat and Matt Cullen tonight. That is, of course, if everyone can actually walk and isn’t hunched over some chicken broth tonight. Whatever bug has infiltrated the locker room, it’s hitting players at a Cal Clutterbuck rate.

Mikko Koivu did not skate today, but he was in the building. Todd Richards said he’d be “shocked” if Koivu doesn’t play. But he sounded less certain of Chuck Kobasew, who left today’s skate because he was ill as well. Matt Cullen, Martin Havlat and Nick Schultz, who were all sick yesterday, were back on the ice.

With Latendresse moving up to the second line, Cal Clutterbuck will move down to play alongside John Madden and Eric Nystrom. If he can go, Kobasew would move down to the fourth line, but it sounds as if there’s a good chance that Colton Gillies will get that chance after getting recalled today.

A night with the Canucks always has a different feel to it than other opponents. Six matchups with the Flames, Oil and Avs can get to be a little much, but I’d take 10 more meetings with the Canucks. One, because the Wild always seems to make Roberto Luongo look like Roberto Benigni between the pipes at Xcel Energy Center.

And two, there are always some type of shenanigans out on the ice. Alex Burrows won’t be out there tonight, and neither will Derek Boogaard, but there will be bad blood out there anyway. Clutterbuck and Ryan Kesler are always good for some jibber jabber as well. I wonder if it’s too late to get those guys mic’d up with the rule that any swearing will cost them 50 cents (American) for a community swear jar. The proceeds generated in one night alone could probably outfit every youth hockey player in the state.

You can still get tickets for tonight’s game, and if you get there early enough, you can get the highly coveted Mikko Koivu Bobblehead doll. The first 5,000 fans will get the doll, and I have to imagine folks will start lining up early tonight.

Also, don’t forget about the special 8:00 start time to accommodate those hosers to the north and their precious TV watching schedules.


2 responses to “Latendresse Back With Havlat, Cullen

  1. WooHoo! I can’t wait! Tonight, I get the Wild in HD for the FIRST TIME EVER and I get to watch them beat the tar out of the Canuckleheads!

  2. Isn’t the game on at 8 to accommodate the hosers south of the Canuck boarder and their exclusive Versus window?

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