Brunette Good To Go

Andrew Brunette left just a hint of a doubt yesterday as to whether or not he’d be able to play in tonight’s home opener. But those of us here know this guy doesn’t miss games, and he’s not going to miss the home opener. Both Brunette and Todd Richards confirmed that the author of what is likely the Top Moment in Wild history will be ready to go for tonight’s contest against the Oilers.

It was a circus down in the locker room area today, with cameras and bottom-feeding media types crawling everywhere like roaches. Richards entered his media scrum and said, “We must be playing a Canadian team tonight.”

The highlight from today’s morning skate came afterward, when John Madden let film him receiving his Stanley Cup ring from the Blackhawks. Not surprisingly, this thing was absolutely massive and as Raymond “Rain Man” Babbitt might say, “very sparkly.”

This was the third time that Madden got to put one of those on his finger, and I’m sure it’s old hat to him by now. But I’m betting he won’t have a problem putting another one on next year with the Wild logo on it. That’s right, the march toward a whole locker room full of shiny rings officially begins tonight.

Niklas Backstrom will get the start in goal. It appears that Clayton Stoner will be the only healthy scratch.


One response to “Brunette Good To Go

  1. 5 Stars Excellent. Ten minutes to Wapner. Yeah.

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