Wild Locker Room Filling Up

We’re still over two weeks away from the start of training camp, but the Wild locker room at Xcel Energy Center is starting to get crowded these days. Maybe it just feels that way because Greg Zanon is here and you need to give him extra room for the beard he’s sporting these days.

The Wild’s master of facial hair has really outdone himself this time. We’re talking Alaskan Whaler length today. Had I been thinking, I would have snapped a photo of our favorite shot blocker to give you the full effect. For now, this photo that I found on Google images should paint a pretty clear picture.

As for some other (fresher) faces seen around the locker room, Cal Clutterbuck, Nick Schultz, Josh Harding, Kyle Brodziak, Clayton Stoner, Head Coach Todd Richards and Assistant Coach Dave Barr were all milling about. I know Brent Burns, Andrew Brunette and Cam Barker have all been around as well, but I didn’t see them today.

Harding, who was getting treatment on his hip from massage therapist Travis Green, was excited to receive a DVD copy of him mashing softballs over the Target Field fence. If you still haven’t seen it, here it is.

Most of the guys in town have been skating at various rinks around the Twin Cities. They come to Xcel Energy Center to get their workouts in, and also try on some new equipment. Zanon tried on a set of shoulder pads that made him look rectangular like a Canadian Mountie.

More players are expected to arrive next week, and pretty much the full roster will be here next week. That’s all I got for now. If you’re at the State Fair today, keep an eye out for General Manager Chuck Fletcher. He’ll be doing various radio appearances throughout the afternoon.


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  1. Ew. That’s just wrong.

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