TGIFair Time!

What a wonderful day at the Great Minnesota get together yesterday. I got to meet all sorts of wonderful “View from the Lighthouse” fans, and there were even some Wild fans there too.

If you missed me yesterday, don’t feel bad. In fact, I still say it’s worth it to stop by the booth during any of the remaining 11 days of the fair. You can register to win a team-autographed stick, which is given away every day. You can meet Nordy (who made me laugh repeatedly yesterday) between 12:45 and 1:45 every day. You can play “Top Shot,” which is a puck shooting game where you have to hit a lit up box. I spent a half hour yesterday feeding pucks to half pints, and some three foot whipper snapper set the record with seven targets hit on 10 shots. I won’t say his name because I passed it on to Chuck Fletcher. We don’t need some other NHL club scouting our best kept secret.

Of course, the big day to get to the Wild booth is Sunday at noon when Nick Schultz and Wes Walz will unveil the Top Ten Games in Wild history, and then sign autographs for an hour.

If you’re going tonight, I think I heard through the grapevine that Michael Russo, the most intense beat writer in the NHL, will be doing some radio show from the fair. Since he’s not one to promote his own gigs, I figure I’ll throw him a bone in this space here.

Hopefully you saw that every Wild regular season game will be televised this year. That has to make you happy heading into the weekend, so I won’t say anything more to dampen your spirits.

Enjoy the weekend!

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