Check Out The Hockey Day Site

As promised yesterday, you can now see some video of Zach Parise, Kyle Okposo and other Minnesota boys taking batting practice at Target Field last week. Seeing as how none of the guys play in their home state, we figured the best place to store this video and still rack up some web hits is on the Hockey Day website.

I highly encourage you to check it out. You see the end of Jordan Parise’s home run, which was contested by his brother, because Jordan was the only one who took a second turn in the cage. That’s a perk of being a goalie. You can also see some slightly modified versions from the day on and a more Kyle Okposo centered video on

And there will be more news concerning Hockey Day tomorrow. It will be officially announced that the Houston Aeros will play a game on the afternoon of February 12 at Xcel Energy Center. Of course, the Wild will be taking the ice later that night against the St. Louis Blues. Stay tuned to for that, as well as some other news concerning Wild minor leagues.

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