Traverse City Tournament Roster Released

Let’s be honest, there’s not a lot going on in August when it comes to hockey. The beacon of light from the Lighthouse now has the glow of a flickering candle. That will all change whenever a new assistant coach is announced, but I still don’t have word on when that will be. We can only sit and wait (which still works up a sweat in this heat) patiently for the announcement of Mike Ramsey’s replacement.

I do have a little tidbit for you, however. Today, I obtained a copy of the Wild’s roster for the Traverse City prospects tournament, which kicks off September 11. There can always be additions and subtractions, but here’s how it stands as of today:

Forwards: Cody Almond, J.T. Barnett (tryout), Joel Broda, Brandon Buck (tryout), Brett Bulmer, Alex Emond (tryout), Jay Fehr (tryout), Kris Foucault, Tyler Johnson (tryout), Matt Mackay (tryout), Dylen McKinlay, Carson McMillan, Jarod Palmer, Chad Rau and Casey Wellman.

Defensemen: Josh Caron (tryout), Tyler Cuma, Colton Jobke (amateur tryout), Bjorn Krupp, Nate Prosser, Marco Scandella and Jared Spurgeon (tryout).

Goaltenders: Matthew Hackett and Darcy Kuemper.

Obviously, the Wild can’t have any prospects like Jason Zucker, Erik Haula or Kyle Medvec, considering they will be in school. None of the European prospects (Mikael Granlund, Dennis Endras, Johan Gustafsson, Jere Sallinen and Johan Larsson) will be there, either.

As you may recall, Barnett, Buck, Johnson, Caron and Spurgeon were tryout players who participated in last month’s Development Camp. One other tryout player that catches the eye is Fehr. He’s only 5-foot-9, but he put up 80 points (26-54=80) in 66 game last year while playing his second season for Brandon of the Western Hockey League.


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