Modano No Longer A Star

We still don’t know if Mike Modano’s skate around the Xcel Energy Center rink with a North Stars jersey will be the last time we see him on an NHL rink. We do know that if he does return to hockey, he won’t be a part of the Wild’s regular season finale against the Dallas Stars on April 10. That is, of course, if the Wild signs him as a free agent (don’t count on it).

The Stars made it official today, saying they won’t be bringing back the franchise’s all-time leading scorer, and probably the best American-born player ever to skate on a rink.

It’s tough to blame the Stars and GM Joe Nieuwendyk, who showed some class in making the announcement prior to free agency beginning on July 1.

“Mike is unclear on whether he will retire or not, and still may decide to play next season,” said Nieuwendyk. “After assessing our roster and where we need to go as a hockey team, we have decided to not offer Mike a contract and allow him to explore free agency on July 1. If Mike decides that he would like to play with another team, we support his wishes.”

After not making the playoffs, the Stars need to continue to get younger. While Modano did show flashes of his old brilliance last year, his 30 points continued a three-season decline in productivity (57 in 2007-08, 46 in 2008-09 and 30 last year).

If Modano is indeed done, let’s take one last look at the tribute from his last game, as well as his postgame press conference.

6 responses to “Modano No Longer A Star

  1. mike come home to minnesota and the wild sign him it would be a great move.

  2. As much as we love Mo, signing him wouldn’t be a great move. Russo explains it best in his blog.

  3. I’ve heard and read comments from Wild insiders recently on the subject of Modano coming to Minnesota. They say “don’t count on it” or “highly unlikely”. As die-hard fans of a team that seldomly produces and yet 18,000 plus fans per game shell out their hard earned cash hoping to witness magic in the making. The franchise player gets the axe, and still the fans pay to fill every seat, every game, every season. A good guess would be that over 90% of these fans would really like to see Mikey Mo come home, but what you think … just doesn’t matter. Personally I think Fletcher failed last season and so far this season.

  4. He’s already failed this year? That seems a little harsh considering last year just ended three months ago, and free agency hasn’t even started. What should he have done differently this year?

    I love your enthusiasm, but it seems to me like it’s a little early to call a GM who inherited a non-playoff team a failure after one season.

    And I think fans would love to see Modano play in Minnesota, but seeing a team progressing towards excellence is probably even more enticing. If the Wild were to sign Modano, it would likely be for one year. Then what?

    Keep the comments coming. Nothing beats good debate!

  5. I think its a little off the wall to say Fletcher failed already. The Wild are changing styles in play and to change style you need to change around some players. Their will be some growing pains but was happy to see management make moves last year during the season and seeing potential in players they picked up. I like that much better then sitting on their hands saying “these are the people we need, no further moves are needed.”
    I watched Madano from his rookie year as a MN North Star and always enjoyed watching him with the Dallas Stars. I would love to see him finish his career off here in MN even if it is just 1 year. I still think he would contribute, not as a first liner anymore but still a contributor. If it doesn’t work after a year its great seeing him here again. Look at Favre, everyone thought it was ridiculous and on his down fall, but he turned out one of his greatest seasons, Modano could have that potential as well.
    I think his last skate out as a star of the game wearing the North Stars jersey was a great way to go if he decides to retire.

  6. It would be great to see Mike Modano in a Blues uniform. I had season tickets to the NorthStars when Mike was a rookie.

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