Second Round – Trade Coming

The Wild has just selected Brett Bulmer and Johan Larsson in the second round. They are about to make a trade. Stand by.

The Wild gets the 59th pick from Florida, for picks #69 and #99.

With the pick the Wild takes LW Jason Zucker, a Las Vegas native from the United States Under 18 Development program.

Just got done talking to Zucker, who is attending Denver next year. He’s very excited to get picked by Minnesota, despite being a rare warm weather kid in hockey.

A chaotic second round for the Wild, now gives way to three consecutive rounds with zero picks. The Wild doesn’t pick again until 159 in the sixth round.

The Wild made four combined picks in the first two rounds. The Wild had never selected more than two players through two rounds of the Draft. In the last three drafts, the Wild has a TOTAL of four picks in the first two rounds.


One response to “Second Round – Trade Coming

  1. Jason Congratulations Brother. Las Vegas is proud
    of you. The 1 st hopefully of many to represent
    The 702 . Just found out you went to Bonanza I’d say how cool is that (Same with me ) But I absolutely Hated that School. Best of Luck Jason

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