Wild Announces Home Opener

Whenever I tell people I work for the Minnesota Wild, I always get the question, “So, what do you do in the summer? Is it pretty quiet there?” Because I’m socially awkward and it’s easier, I say “Yes, it’s very quiet.” But the truth is, it’s rarely quiet in the summer. While we’re not working many nights and weekends in the summer, there is a lot going on, and I’m not sure if there’s ever been as much going on as there will be this week.

We’ve got the Wells Fargo/Minnesota Wild Road Tour, which kicked off today. We’ve got the NHL Entry Draft on Friday and Saturday, and if you haven’t seen them yet, check out the sweet videos that our own Travis Brillowski put together featuring the four top Minnesotans in this year’s Draft. The Lighthouse is going to be busy all week with Draft updates as I’m heading out to Los Angeles on Wednesday to get all you can handle regarding any picks and trades the Wild might make. If there is something you’d like to see in our Draft coverage, please feel free to comment below.

Tomorrow, the NHL will announce its full regular season schedule. Even though I’m looking at a copy of it right now, I am not allowed to divulge its contents. What I can tell you is that after the Wild returns home from two games against Carolina in Helsinki, Finland, it will play its next game at home on Thursday, October 14 against Edmonton. Barring any last minute changes, it will kick off a three-game homestand before the club hits the road for the first time.

Unlike last year, the Wild’s schedule appears to be home heavy in the season’s opening month. This should come as welcome news to a team that dropped its first eight road games and started off 1-6-0, 2-7-0 and 3-8-0. The Wild didn’t host consecutive home games until October 28 and 30 last year, and its first homestand that lasted more than two games didn’t start until November 18.

That’s it for now. Wild.com is chock full of stuff, and I’ve got to get things ready for the full schedule announcement tomorrow, and I also have to edit some Road Tour blogs, including the elimination of cuss words from Ryan Stanzel’s. Until tomorrow, when I weigh in on my draft preferences, have a great Monday!


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