Where Will The Next Hockey Day Minnesota Outdoor Game Be Held?

Tomorrow, the Minnesota Wild will announce which Minnesota city will host the outdoor games as part of the fifth annual Hockey Day Minnesota celebration. We will post the information on Wild.com, and right here on the Lighthouse blog as it happens.

And if you want to know right away, and you’re still not into the whole Twitter thing, you can be notified every time there is a new “View from the Lighthouse” post by subscribing to the RSS feed of it. Just click that subscribe button on the right of this page, and you’ll be immediately notified with an email when there is a new post. I know that as Memorial Day approaches, all you can think about is hockey, and what I might be writing on the blog, so this is our effort to give the great people of Minnesota what they want…more Lighthouse!

Also, there is now a comment section at the bottom, and believe it or not, all comments are welcome, provided they only put me in a positive light. I can’t handle even the slightest bit of criticism, or I’ll just end up eating marble cake and ice cream while watching re-runs of Family Matters all day.

So, now that you can comment, I’d like to get your feedback on a couple questions. Which city or location do you think would be the ideal spot for a Hockey Day Minnesota outdoor game? If I had a vote, my location would be at the foot of the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth with the Lighthouse piers on either side of the rink where the fans could stand. The only problem here is that I would imagine it would be next to impossible to get a flat surface in there, but you never know. How great a scene would that be? The photos coming from that would be off the hizzy, as the hip kids might say.

And also, we all know the Wild is putting on the full court press (or four-man forecheck?) on the NHL to host an Outdoor Classic in the coming years. Of course, TCF Bank Stadium and Target Field are the front-running facilities to host the event. But where else could it be? Can you think of a location in Minnesota that would be even more unique than a baseball or football stadium? Think Mystery, Alaska.

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