Realignment Scenarios

Yesterday’s “hypothetical” blog about my Team USA World Championship squad was so much fun, I thought I’d take on another hypothetical situation at the risk of looking like an idiot.

Last night, among other things, the Star Tribune’s Mike Russo, the most intense beat writer in the NHL, discussed several topics in his blog, one of them being the possibility of the Wild being the only American team in the Northwest should Phoenix relocate back to Winnipeg.

Now, it appears that’s not going to happen. However, I’d still like to entertain the thought of some realignment scenarios, because let’s be honest, it’s not easy to stay up late every time the Wild plays a divisional road game. So, I’m offering my services to the NHL and I have fixed the divisions to benefit the team I work for. It should be noted that the Lighthouse ideas in no way reflect the feelings of anyone inside the Wild organization other than me. It should also be noted that anyone who would disagree should be considered a lunatic.

Scenario 1: The Coyotes stay in Phoenix

Pacific: Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Jose, Phoenix, Vancouver
Midwest or Mountain: Calgary, Edmonton, Colorado, St. Louis, Dallas
Central: Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, Columbus

The only problem I see here is taking St. Louis away from rivals like Detroit and Chicago. But let’s be honest, it’s not 1982 anymore, no matter how much Napoleon Dynamite’s Uncle Rico wants it to be, so he could go back and take state.

But how nice is that? Nobody is traveling through two time zones to play a Division rival! Amaaayyyyzing!

Scenario 2: The Coyotes move back to Winnipeg

Pacific: Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Jose, Colorado, Vancouver
Midwest: Minnesota, Winnipeg, St. Louis, Calgary, Edmonton
Central: Dallas, Detroit, Columbus, Nashville, Chicago

This is less ideal, because it’d be nice to have the Wild keep playing teams primarily in the Central time zone. But still, we’d at least have two teams in our time zone, and the trip to Vancouver is eliminated.

There you have it! No matter where the Coyotes go, I went ahead and realigned the League so it can be one less thing the powers that be have to worry about it.

In the words of Nick Burns, “Oh by the way…You’re WELCOME!”


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